Lafitt Stone

Lafitt stone will amaze you with the natural look of its subtle colour tones and texture that evokes – incredibly – natural stone carved by a stonemason. Replacing portions of large stones with the Lafitt Alto Stone with its enhanced texture will contribute to overall richness and aesthetic success.

  • Pigments are mixed evenly throughout the stone rather than only being applied to the surface, resulting in a product that maintains its colour year after year
  • Hand chiselled texture reminiscent of natural stone
  • Total design freedom:
    • choice of large stone ratios
    • choice of large stone with enhanced texture (Alto)
    • choice of accent colour (duos and stone ratios)
    • Modular formats = less cutting and waste = material savings
  • Perfect complement to our bricks and several Permacon landscaping products; in particular with Vendome, Amalfi, Trafalgar 60 and Mega-Trafalgar pavers as well as Mondrian slab 50 and 60, letting you create a beautifully harmonious overall effect
  • Angular & surround stones are available in the same texture and colour ranges as the Lafitt stone

Dufferin Plus Stone

With its modular shapes, surround and angular stones, Dufferin Plus stone offers exceptional versatility for interior and exterior architectural applications. The Dufferin Stone Plus has a wavy texture with soft edges.

  • Innovative texture and natural look conveyed through our colours and stone finish
  • Material savings due to its modular dimensions that require less cuts, therefore less waste on site
  • Flexibility in the design providing the choice of type of joints, proportion of large stones and accessories such as the angular and surround stone creating interesting and innovative projects that meets contemporary architectural approaches
  • Easily integrates and complements our other family of products such as Cinco and Melville brick as well as in our landscaping product lines, specifically with Mega-Bergerac Plus and Bergerac Plus pavers.

Lafitt Alto Stone

This stone will add a touch of prestige and elegance to your home. Lafitt Alto stone features a more enhanced texture than Lafitt stone while boasting all the same advantages, most notably its modular format and abundance of colours. This means you can customize your project by mixing Lafitt and Lafitt Alto stones.


Lamina Stone

This is the only conventional masonry coating that creates the appearance of stacked thin stone. Lamina stone offers a distinctive look that beautifies every project. With its innovative texture, variety of colours and multiple lengths, Lamina stone can be used on a full facade to accentuate architectural elements or to highlight some wall sections. In addition, inserting elements from the new Mono Lamina offers an opportunity to customize and enhance your project’s look.

  • An attractive stacked stone appearance thanks to its innovative texture and stunning colours
  • A 90 mm thick stone veneer used in a conventional masonry manner
  • Various stone textures and depths per unit
  • Easy to install due to its unique single height and its four different lengths
  • Project can be customized by adding insertion of new Lamina Mono
  • Fewer cuts and waste on site thanks to its modularity
  • Deeper mortar bed when compared to thin masonry veneer. This provides a sturdier more durable veneer.
  • Competitive price compared to other thin masonry systems

Lexa Stone

An innovative product with clean lines to achieve a masonry veneer with a modern look. Thanks to its avant-garde style, Lexa stone is infused with elegance and simplicity.

  • Proposes a cutting-edge style with an attractive texture.
  • Offers a streamlined appearance
  • Is available in three exclusive colours
  • Allows for a modular or linear installation
  • Reduces the number of cuts required and the waste due to its modular dimensions
  • Presents chamfered edges to accentuate clean lines
  • Includes a percentage of stones with finished ends to achieve corners
  • Matches perfectly with our landscaping products, including Lexa paver and slab, Mondrian paver and slab and Esplanade slab.

Mondrian Stone

This innovative new generation of stone will add prestige and distinction to your design. Its texture, defined edges, slightly chiselled surfaces and slender forms provide a modern look. Available in three exclusive trendy colours— including the new Scandina grey — it can be installed in linear or modular layouts and blends perfectly with our Mondrian landscaping products.

  • Proposes a cutting-edge style with an attractive texture.
  • Is available in three trendy and contemporary colours.
  • Allows for a modular or linear installation.
  • Reduces the number of cuts required and waste due to its modular dimensions.
  • Includes a percentage of stones with textured ends to achieve corners.
  • Matches perfectly with our landscaping products, including Trafalgar paver, Mondrian paver and slabs.

Permacon Cinco Brick

Inspired by buildings constructed at the turn of the last century, Cinco brick was created in part to resemble stone. With its wide array of matched colours and lengths, Cinco brick creates the perfect accompaniment for Lafitt stone and Cinco stone. Cinco brick offers you a visual impact at an affordable price. Its unique height makes the installation similar to brick both in pattern and cost, while its choice of lengths and textures closely resemble stone. This product has everything you need to turn your imagination loose.

  • Combines the best of stone and brick.
  • Harmonizes perfectly with stone, especially Lafitt stone, thanks to its multiple lengths, texture and colours.
  • Installs like brick so costs are significantly lower than stone

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