Glacier Marble

Masonal’s Glacier Marble products are some of the most unique stones produced in Ontario from the only marble deposit in the whole Province. Due to it’s unique properties we can make this product looks many different ways by altering how they cut and process the stone. The sparkling quartz and mica often make this stone look more like a granite than a marble.

Ocean Ledge

Ocean ledge comes in random lengths of 2 1/4″ high drystack ledgestone. The glacier marble has a split face with blue/green gemstone colours with white lines that look like waves breaking on the coast of Nova Scotia.

Sapphire Blue

This blue green granite appears ageless with traditional and contemporary construction. Soft light sediment lines variegate the stone.

Ocean Pearl

Ocean pearl is cut the same heights as Ocean ledge (2 1/4″) but instead of the split face, they cut on the bedface exposing swirls of dark ocean and waves of white pearl. This stone is considered an Ontario Marble or Gneiss stone.

Glacier Blue Ashlar

As an ashlar style this blue green granite can be installed quickly and easily and looks wonderful when slightly pitched.

Windsor Castle Stone

Windsor Castle stone is made in a traditional ashlar with mostly rectangular stone varying in height and lengths.

Ottawa Valley

Our Ottawa Valley stone comes in the sames sizes as Rideau Valley but shows off the split face lines of the stone. This marble shows sedimentary lines of calcite against a dark blue ocean.


Emerald Rubble is a granite with rich gem tones ranging from rusty emerald to deep sapphire. The irregular shapes blend well together when using a dark mortar or without joints.

Rideau Valley

Rideau Valley dimensional ashlar comes in four combination heights (2 1/4″,5″,7 3/4″,10 1/2″) with elegant joint lines to show off the richness in the gem tones of this Ontario marble.

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