Rustic Wilderness

The Rustic wilderness Collection includes a great variety of colours and textures of natural edged stones laid in gentle flowing lines by skilled masons. The mostly rectangular stones are reminiscent of old traditional stone buildings where masons split and shaped each piece to fit angular lines. The natural bed layers visible in the stones highlight the footprint of time and gravity as sediment turned to rock.

Tiger Buff

Tiger Buff is a popular choice with muted cream tones separated by numerous striations of grey sediment. The stones come in random heights of 2″-8″ and as long as 22″.

Olde English Blend

Olde English is a blend of 4 popular stones from Ontario. The combination is reminiscent of old world stone buildings scattered throughout Western Ontario. The odd rubble stone here and there breaks up the horizontal lines and adds intrigue and sophistication.


Rustic Wilderness Brown is one of our popular sellers. The monotone colour makes it easy to plan a complementary colour palette.

Provincial Grey

Provincial Grey is a classic colour for natural stone in Ontario. The stone has some variation in colours adding bedfaced pieces with darker overtones to provide more variety in the overall appeal.

Guelph Buff

Guelph Buff is one of our most rustic looking stone. Many projects use this stone to imitate old foundations. The uniform neutral colour of the stone also makes this stone popular with designers.


The original variation of this stone combination came from a customer wanting something reminiscent of the look and feel of basements of an old Quebec lodge or bar. This took the imagination of masons familiar with the locale and connections to 6 quarries in Ontario and Quebec to pull this together.

Old World Blend

Old World Blend is a combination of olde english blend and old Quebec. The 10% of old Quebec rubble in this linear ledgestone adds a more rustic character to the stone as if local stones that just happened be there were added to the walls.

Summer Blend

Summer Blend combines the playfulness of irregular shaped stones with more horizontal ashlars. The rich yellows and reds stand out from the wall like a flower in bloom.

Tiger Dark

Tiger Dark is bold and rich in tone. The dark linear lines have a modern undertone, simple and elegant, like a dark suit on an architect. The product does fade in direct sunlight. We do sell a brand of sealer with UV protection.


Our Buckhorn is a very unique colour that you either love or hate. Browsing through our pictures you can see how people have used it on its own or blended with another stone to give a totally different look.

Vancouver Gold

Vancouver Gold adds a ray of sunshine to any wall or fireplace. The brilliant golden colours lighten up any room.

Black Ontario

Black Ontario is a dramatic stone that softens with age. The deep black stone lightens to a light grey in the sunshine. Often used as an accent stone or counter top, black Ontario is a vibrant contrast to many other stones found in Ontario.


Our Castle stone is reminiscent of old world castle stone that have regular horizontal lines.

Autumn Blend

Our Autumn Blend highlights the colour palette of fall. With rich rusty browns, purple and dark greys, you can image the penetrating tapestry of a meandering walk through the forest in fall.

Spring Blend

Our Spring Blend combines cream with brown stones with grey and hint of green, the colours that remind us of nature.


Edinburgh England is the inspiration; a history in craftsmanship stretching nearly a thousand years paying homage to the skills and artistry of old world masons.


Indiana is currently the only stone not from Quebec or Ontario. The muted cream stone comes from Indiana. It is one of the most popular sill and architectural stone used in Canada.

Highland Thistle

The highland thistle is the national flower and the symbol of Scot’s resilience to adversity. The purple flower’s colour permeates throughout the Ontario marble stone at the heart of this blend. The predominant pale turquoise natural bed limestone mimics the vast lakes, locks and ocean on a cloudy Scottish day.

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