Lamina Stone

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Permacon Lamina

This is the only conventional masonry coating that creates the appearance of stacked thin stone. Lamina stone offers a distinctive look that beautifies every project. With its innovative texture, variety of colours and multiple lengths, Lamina stone can be used on a full facade to accentuate architectural elements or to highlight some wall sections. In addition, inserting elements from the new Mono Lamina offers an opportunity to customize and enhance your project’s look.

  • An attractive stacked stone appearance thanks to its innovative texture and stunning colours
  • A 90 mm thick stone veneer used in a conventional masonry manner
  • Various stone textures and depths per unit
  • Easy to install due to its unique single height and its four different lengths
  • Project can be customized by adding insertion of new Lamina Mono
  • Fewer cuts and waste on site thanks to its modularity
  • Deeper mortar bed when compared to thin masonry veneer. This provides a sturdier more durable veneer.
  • Competitive price compared to other thin masonry systems