Distinctive layers of thin brick will add a classic, vintage timeless look to any space. Thin brick is the perfect and brilliant selection to enhance the interior of your home. Applications such as fireplaces, kitchen backsplash to accent walls. The thin brick makes for an easy, lightweight application friendly for both the DIY and contractor customers


Arriscraft Brick Slices

Uniquely hand-crafted and specially blended to bring a bit of “Old World” feel to any interior space. It embodies a timeless look that will transform your interior and exterior applications into beautiful and classic works of art.



For more information visit https://generalshale.com/products/thin-brick/

AuTHINtic Brick

You’ve never seen or worked with a brick quite like this before. Authintic Brick by Meridian® Brick is the exciting new way to transform your home or business in ways you never thought possible.

For more information visit https://authinticbrick.com/

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